Gary Goldberg

Senior Vice President of Archer Systems

Gary Goldberg is Senior Vice President of ARCHER, one of the nation’s leading providers of lien resolution, QSF administration, claims administration, national bankruptcy coordination, probate coordination, and other pre and post-settlement services to the mass tort industry. Mr. Goldberg is responsible for business development as well as client and project management within the company’s single event and mass torts divisions. He has managed 15 billion dollars’ worth of settlement programs involving tens of thousands of claimants and hundreds of individual law firms. He is a recognized expert in and frequent lecturer on the topics of technology, systems and data in complex settlement administration as well as myriad issues pertaining to mass tort settlement administration. Mr. Goldberg earned both his undergraduate and graduate business degrees from the University of Florida.

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If I’m registered for the conference will I automatically get my CLE Credits?

No. You must sign out at the Registration/CLE desk before departing the conference.

What do I need in order to sign up for CLE?

You need to have your Bar number for all states in which you would receive credit.

What if I cannot attend the whole conference? Can I receive partial credit?

Yes. When you sign out at the end of your last day, you will indicate the number of hours/days that you actually attended.

Do I need to send my Certificate of Attendance to the state bar(s) or will Trial Lawyers of Mass Torts report my attendance to them?

Each individual attorney will need to file their own CLE credits.